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No-Rest November

We have an extremely busy November. Already, we have participated in the IJAN annual conference, a Job Fair at Mt. Pleasant and begun holding workshops at IMCC/Oakdale.

The IJAN (Iowa Justice Action Network) conference was titled "Disrupting the Cradle to Prison Pipeline" and was outstanding. Highlights included Dr. Tammy Nyden and the Waterloo Hip Hop Literacy group. Sue Hutchins deserves much of the credit for this excellent conference.

The Job Fair (Nov. 14) was a great chance to follow-up with men who attended workshops at Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility (MPCF). We also we able to network with employers. It was great to see organizations from our resource guide - ADDS (Burlington), Inside Out Reentry (Iowa City), One City (Waterloo) and IowaWorks.

We held our first reentry of 2019 workshop at Oakdale/IMCC on Nov. 17. We had started last year, but there were some staff changes and it took us awhile to get them going. Great group of guys. Plus, we have another double workshop day at MPCF next week.

Photo at MPCF Job Fair with Michelle Feltes of One City.

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