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Prison Reentry in Iowa is Thriving

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Our 3rd annual statewide prison reenty meeting (Oct. 4, 2024) was the largest and most successful. Over 120 people attended from non-profits organizations, community corrections, and the Iowa Department of Corrections (IDOC). We crammed ourselves and lots of discussions into 3 hours at Plymouth Congregational Church in Des Moines.

Doren Walker, a longtime reentry adovcate, began the meeting with a warm welcome. We next heard from Katrina Carter, the IIDOC Director of Treatment and Reentry as she described the department's philosophy of reentry and answered questions.

There were two break-out sessions addressing the challenges of reentry. In addition, we heard from four individuals about their experience leaving prison and returning to the community. Their stories were very inspriing. The meeting ended with many of us wanting more time (and space) to talk and make connections.

Many thanks to the people who spoke and helped at the meeting. The notetakers and facilitators helped create an incredible record of the meeting. (see in Helpful Info/Links)

And, most of all, thanks for everyone who is working to make reentry more successful for all of Iowa.

Here are some comments about the meeting:

"There was so much energy at the gathering. I left feeling more motivated to help and make a difference."

"I loved hearing the success stories.  The group work was challenging since it was a wide open area that was full of people talking.  It was also beneficial dividing the groups up as we had multiple statuses represented (DOC, CBC, IWD, family of an incarcerated individual, reentry service provider, faith based person)"

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