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Visit to Davenport

On Friday, August 23, I had the opportunity to visit Davenport and meet with some amazing people doing reentry work. The trip began with a community outreach meeting organized by Bob Davis of Community Health Care. Over 20 different groups were there. They are very collaborative community.

Next, I met with the 7th Judicial District parole coordinators. They were very supportive of our mission and provided valuable information on housing options in the district. They emphasized the need for incarcerated individuals to mend fences with family if possible. They find that success often hinges on having some family support.

Finally, I met with two excellent organizations who provide housing for those done with prison. One Eighty and Unity House (see photo) both offer recovery support and are willing to give a person a second chance. The living quarters are very homey and comfortable. They are doing important work.

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